MWF - Tried N' True Mix

60% Forbs, 40% Grasses
Seeding Rate - 5 oz./1000 s.f. or 10 lbs./acre
$11/oz. or $176/lb.
Our seeds are available in any amount, no matter how small or large your project.

Coverage AreaWeightCost
1/4 acre2.5 lbs.$440.00
1/2 acre5 lbs.$880.00
3/4 acre7.5 lbs.$1,320.00
1 acre10 lbs.$1760.00

After many years of sowing wildflower seeds in plantings small and large across Michigan, we have developed a mix of species proven to establish consistently.  We think it's a good idea to start with this sure to show up mix of wildflowers and prairie grasses that you can count on.  Once established, you may consider enhancing the area with additional species by seed or plants.  Otherwise, simply continue to enjoy your wildflower meadow as is.  This mix is for primarily full sun and dryland soil types.


Forbs 60%
Grasses 40%


Tried N' True Mix - Forbs

Scientific NameCommon Name
Asclepias syriacaCommon Milkweed
Aster laevisSmooth Aster
Aster oolentangiensisPrairie Heart-leaved Aster
Coreopsis lanceolataSand Tickseed
Echinacea purpureaPurple Coneflower
Heliopsis helianthoidesFalse Sunflower
Monarda fistulosaWild Bergamot
Ratibida pinnataYellow Coneflower
Rudbeckia hirtaBlack-eyed Susan
Solidago rigidaStiff Goldenrod

Tried N' True Mix - Grasses

Scientific NameCommon Name
Elymus canadensisCanada Wild-Rye
Schizachyrium scopariusLittle Bluestem