Due to fescue shortages the EcoTurf Mix seeds used in this mix are coated with ProNitro TM, which includes limestone with polymer, micronutrients, kelp and beneficial mycorrhizae. This added coating assures stronger germination and faster establishment.

The Bee-Happy Turf Mix provides a low maintenance turf with the addition of White Dutch Clover which provides a nectar source for pollinators. Bee-Happy Turf is a wonderful lawn alternative especially for transition areas. It tolerates shade to full sun and dry-mesic soil conditions. This mix does not do well on pure sand or consistently moist soils. The optimal time for seeding this mix is mid-August through September, although seeding mid-March through May is also suitable.

Prior to seeding, the planting area needs to be as weed free as possible and we recommend preparation steps laid out in our "Ten Steps to a Successful Wildflower Planting." Watering the site initially can accelerate establishment, but is not necessary.