Michigan Wildflower Farm - Eco-Turf Low Maintenance Fescue Mix - Cost per pound

7 lbs./1,000 s.f. or 300 lbs./acre

Cost per pound

Michigan Wildflower Farm - Eco-Turf Low Maintenance Fescue Mix

Coverage AreaWeightCost
1/4 acre75 lbs.$393.75
1/2 acre150 lbs.$787.50
3/4 acre225 lbs.$1181.25
1 acre300 lbs.$1575.00

Due to a severe shortage in 2021 fescue availability is extremely low. As a result our 2022 EcoTurf Mix seeds are coated with ProNitro TM, which includes limestone with polymer, micronutrients, kelp and beneficial mycorrhizae. This added coating assures stronger germination and faster establishment.

This drought-tolerant mix provides a turf which can establish in deep shade, full sun and even the most neglected areas. Consider seeding this mix in your landscape to cut back on your lawn maintenance time and costs.

Our Eco-Turf seed mix consists of five slow growing fescues. These are not native Michigan genotype species, but are offered as an alternative to traditional turf grass mixes. Because these species are slowing growing, they require less-frequent mowing and since they are deep-rooted, they require minimal, if any, water or fertilizer. If a manicured appearance is required, mowing can take place but with less frequency. We mowed our Eco-Turf three times this year and mowed our traditional lawn area seven times! Some of our customers choose not to mow the Eco-Turf at all as they enjoy the soft and fine texture appearance.

The five fescues in Eco-Turf make this mix suitable for sunny/partial shade, loam/sand/gravel and well-drained clay soils. Also, once established, carefree Eco-Turf is durable in high traffic areas. The optimal time for seeding this mix is mid-to-late August through September, although seeding in mid-to-late March through May is also possible.

Prior to seeding, the planting area needs to be as weed free as possible and we recommend preparation steps laid out in our "Ten Steps to a Successful Wildflower Planting." Watering the site initially can accelerate establishment. We have not irrigated our Eco-Turf lawn ever. Fertilizing is not needed, however, if broadleaf weeds become a problem, a broadleaf herbicide can be used.