We are a working farm, open by appointment only, Monday through Friday.and closed on the weekends.  If you would like to visit our farm, please check out our upcoming events or call to schedule your own.  


  • “It’s so wonderful to have all of this open land in our community that is not only beautiful but is environmentally friendly as it can be.  I can’t thank you enough for all of the great work and input you contributed to this project.”

    Elizabeth F.

  • “Kyle and Jason were terrific. They were patient & informative. We are very encouraged and thrilled with the progress our garden has made.  I am so happy to learn that all those green plants growing in our native garden are NOT weeds! I was convinced we just had weeds growing.So, we are relieved and very happy to know they are native wildflowers!”

    Freida C.

  • “I’m an avid follower of Michigan Wildflower Farm on Facebook.  Your page (newsletter) and information is fantastic!  Hoping I will be able to see your farm in the near future.”

    Linda P.

  • “I was so impressed with Kyle and the crew!  They really hit the ground running and were very professional and friendly.  They took direction well and had their own good ideas too.  I enjoyed working alongside with them and they got the job done very quickly.  I’m so appreciative of their help with this challenging site.”

    Amy H.