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Scientific Name Changes

Due to ongoing research in recent years, some scientific names have been changed. We intend to update our species list...


Seed Pricing List

You can see a picture of and learn more about each species by clicking on the individual species scientific name on the species list found under the Seed Pricing tab.  We acknowledge the University of Michigan Herbarium as our source for this information.


I just wanted to thank you for shipping us around 30 custom seed mixes this year. They all came in on schedule, and perfectly mixed and I couldn’t be happier with your level of service. Thank you! – Matt D.
“You helped me to learn how to make a beautiful yard. I just keep adding a little every year.The insect community is very appreciative as well.The work on my small, non-native gardens takes far more time and doesn’t look as good as my natives and I am replacing lawn with flowers now. Keep up the great work”-Mark D.