What to Expect from a Wildflower Seeding Project

Native plants take longer to germinate so don't be concerned if new growth is minimal during the first growing season



Site Preparation

Existing vegetation is eliminated leaving dead thatch or soil is smoothed on a new construction site.  Herbicide application, tilling, or black plastic methods may be used in site preparation.



First Growing Season

Growth typically is spotty and irregular as establishment rates vary among species. We recommend keeping the seeding mowed the first growing season. Using a cover crop may also help to provide growth and erosion control over the site. Expect minimal if any flowering.




Second Growing Season

More seeded species will be evident this season.  Plan to spot cut or treat invasive species with herbicide.






An established wildflower planting

will be low maintenance,

 but not maintenance free.

Third Growing Season and Beyond

With good 1st and 2nd growing season management you should be able to enjoy the blooms of your wildflower seeding.  Continue to pay attention to invasive species and deal with them as soon as possible.  You may mow your planting yearly or burn every 1-3 years as needed.  Plan to check the health of your seeding 1-3 times each season.