January 17, 2017

Invasive Species – MNPPA Statement

Printable Version The Michigan Native Plant Producers Association (MNPPA) is committed to purity in product of native seed and plant material as per our By-Laws, Article III, Section 2 (f) and Appendix 2 – Invasive Species.    MNPPA members continue to be active in educating themselves, staff and customers  on identifying and eradicating invasive species.   MNPPA’s...


April 28, 2014

Scientific Name Changes

Due to ongoing research in recent years, some scientific names have been changed. We intend to update our species list accordingly in the future, but for now are continuing to use the old names that you are most familiar with. However, for your information, the following are the species we offer that have changed names:...


December 31, 2002

Prairie Management: Cutting or Mowing as a Management Tool

Article written for the Wildflower Association of Michigan Newsletter (Fall 2002) A lot of you have made the decision to end the slave relationship with your lawn mower. The desire to decrease the need for mowing motivates many to consider planting a prairie where once there was water-hungry, drug-dependent lawn. But wait – don’t put...


December 31, 1998

Producing Wildflower Seed for Sale

Article written for the Wildflower Association of Michigan Newsletter (Fall 1998) The Michigan Wildflower Farm produces over 50 native Michigan forbs and grasses for seed and now through Thanksgiving, we are harvesting the last of the wildflower and grass seed for the season. The New England aster and Smooth aster (Aster spp.) still await our...